The Meaning of Measurements

October 27, 2014
2:46 pm

The Healthcare Leadership Council is very pleased to be supporting a conference taking place this Thursday, October 30 called “Mind the Gap:  Improving Quality Measurement in Accountable Care Systems.”  It’s co-sponsored by the National Pharmaceutical Council, National Health Council and the Pharmacy Quality Alliance.

One thing that is invariably true of all of our Healthcare Leadership Council members and so many successful organizations is that metrics matter.  There is no such thing as being theoretically successful.  If you can’t or don’t measure it – and measure it effectively, accurately and comprehensively – it doesn’t exist.

That’s the focus of this conference, looking at new healthcare payment and delivery systems like accountable care organizations.  We have long maintained that ACOs and similar structures must achieve both cost-efficiency and improved clinical effectiveness (and, with it, improved patient outcomes).  To ensure those two objectives are being met, high-quality measurement tools are imperative.

Experts on October 30 will look at the gaps in today’s measurement systems and whether all health conditions, those that affect millions and those that impact comparably fewer, are being assessed with the same rigor and detail.  The conference is open to the public and you can register to attend here.

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