The Week’s Most Interesting Healthcare Reading (that you might have missed)

March 18, 2011
12:06 pm

As we do every Friday, here are some of the more interesting, and important, healthcare stories of the week that may not have caught your attention:

•     In the effort to cut federal spending, the Center for Public Integrity reports that a target has been place on unspent economic stimulus dollars, including the funding dedicated to expansion of health information technology. 

•     It’s a tribute to the state of healthcare that life expectancy in America is up while the death rates from a plethora of illnesses are down. 

•     Employers are having an impact on their bottom line by investing in wellness

•     If you’re in the hospital, supplies may soon be brought to your room by a robot

•     Addressing one of the nation’s healthcare shortages, a growing number of medical students are planning to practice primary care.

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