News You Can Use

December 30, 2009
7:58 am

I’m not in the habit of plugging individual media outlets, but I can’t help but be impressed with the relatively new Kaiser Health News (KHN), a creation of the Kaiser Family Foundation.

I’ve placed KHN on my daily must-read list because of the quality of its personnel, journalists who established stellar reputations at the nation’s top publications.  KHN’s executive editor is Laurie McGinley, who was one of the country’s premier health policy journalists during her tenure at the Wall Street Journal.  Reporters include Julie Appleby and Mary Agnes Carey, who broke important healthcare stories for years at USA Today and Congressional Quarterly, respectively.

I bring up KHN today because, if you’re looking for a nice summary of the differences between the Senate and House health reform bills that have to be reconciled in conference committee, the news service’s story, The House, Senate and You, does a very nice job.

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