Moore Mistakes on Healthcare

September 29, 2009
10:41 am

090928_moore_ap_297According to news reports, filmmaker Michael Moore is in Washington, DC today to promote his oxymoron of a movie, Capitalism:  A Love Story (Aren’t capitalist-minded producers making money on this anti-capitalism film?).  While he’s here, he’s planning a press conference to exorciate moderate Blue Dog House Democrats for not supporting a government health plan option and, reportedly, will urge primary opposition for those Democrats who hold that position.

Of course, it’s Mr. Moore’s prerogative to support or oppose whoever he wants, but that doesn’t mean his position is a particularly well-conceived one.  He equates opposition to the government option with being against health reform, and that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

I’ve met personally with many of the Blue Dogs as well as their politically-moderate Democratic counterparts in the Senate, and I have left those meetings with no question whatsoever that these public servants are absolutely determined to enact comprehensive health reform this year.  They are seeking solutions that make health coverage more affordable and accessible while maintaining consumer choice and innovation.  They understand the ramifications for healthcare providers and patients if a government plan is created that pays doctors and hospitals at Medicare-based rates below the actual cost of providing care.

We’re at the stage in the health reform process at which the excessive hyperbole and bombastic advertising are doubtlessly going to increase.  I hope we can keep one fact straight, though.  Members of Congress shouldn’t be demonized as health reform opponents simply because they don’t support this single provision.

(Ironically, I would guess that the profit margins for Mr. Moore’s movies are greater than those for health insurers, measured at 3.4% last year or 87th place among 215 U.S. industries.)

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